All vendors are expected to familiarize themselves with, and abide by, all published policies.

Application Process

All Longmont Artisan Market vendors are selected through the following jury process:

  1. Applications are opened to the public. Any individual or business who creates handcrafted goods within Colorado is welcome to complete an application through the application deadline.
  2. Applications are reviewed by the jury committee.
  3. Application decisions (accepted, declined, waitlisted) are emailed to all applicants on a designated date.
  4. Applicants have a window of time to register for the market; if applicants do not respond within the designated time frame, they forfeit their space.
  5. Spaces are offered to waitlisted applicants on an as-available basis.

Arriving Late / Leaving Early

Longmont Artisan Market expects all vendors to arrive on time and stay through the duration of the market. Any vendor who arrives late or leaves early without express permission from a market coordinator (and only in the case of an emergency or illness), will not be accepted as a vendor for any future Longmont Artisan Market event.


Longmont Artisan Market believes making is for everyone. We’re an inclusive organization and we’re committed to welcoming vendors of all races, genders, ages, identities, and religions.

Sharing Booths

Longmont Artisan Market uses a jury process to select vendors for our events. Because of this process, we cannot allow vendors to share booths. Each vendor must apply as an individual business. Once vendor selections are announced, vendors may request booth spaces next to each other if both vendors are accepted for the event.